Want to Become a Exhibitor?

We warmly invite you to be a part of Ocean Optics XXV, the leading international conference on hydrologic optics.

In-situ Marine Optics

In-situ Marine Optics (IMO) is a developer of optical oceanographic equipment with a focus on serving the research community and developing new sensors to expand our knowledge of the ocean. IMO thrives by rapidly adopting new optoelectronic technologies, pushing the price point lower to accelerate research and community evaluation.

Sea-Bird Scientific

Sea-Bird Scientific provides best-of-class sensors and systems for oceanographic research and environmental water quality monitoring of physical and biogeochemical properties. Today, Sea-Bird Scientific employs over 200 people worldwide in the development, manufacture, calibration, sales, and support of our products. Visit us at Booth 1 to learn more about our Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) sensor suite, Radiometers, pH sensors, and Profiling Float with Bio-Geochemical and Bio-Optical sensor systems. Our team of Scientists will be present to answer your questions.

Sequoia Scientific

Sequoia Scientific manufactures laser diffraction and holographic particle size analyzers. Our LISST instruments are used from the deep sea to your lab bench to measure particles from sub-micron to several millimeters. The LISST-200X (a new version of the LISST-100X) and LISST-Deep are also widely used in ocean optics for measuring forward-angle volume scattering function (VSF) and beam attenuation to depths of 3500 meters. The LISST-Holo is the first commercially available submersible digital holographic particle imaging system. Our latest addition, LISST-VSF, measures VSF from 0.01 to 150 degrees, and the degree of linear polarization from 15-150 degrees. Stop by Booth 7 to learn more.

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