Poster Session 2, Tuesday,  October  4, 10:40–12:40

Poster 2

Bio-optical model parametrisation to map water quality in eutrophic and absorbing inland waters from satellite data

This study aims to parametrise a semi-analytical bio-optical model (i.e. BOMBER) for mapping water quality parameters of inland and coastal waters of Estonia. Starting from remote sensing reflectance (Rrs), the bio-optical model parametrisation will allow BOMBER to derive simultaneously spatial information of chlorophyll-a (Chl-a), suspended particulate matter (SPM) concentration, coloured dissolved organic matter absorption at 440nm (a CDOM (440)) with an additional layer associated with an error resulting from the inversion. To the aim, a significant set of in situ measurements in productive eutrophic waters will be presented along with corresponding measurements of remote sensing reflectance. In particular, we have collected dataset of inherent and apparent optical properties measured over different waters e.g. Chl-a (0.4 – 111.5, median 19.9 mg/m 3 ), SPM (0.6 – 46, median 4.5 g/ m 3 ), a CDOM (440) (0.4 – 49, median 2.0 m -1 ). This dataset will be used to parametrise absorption (phytoplankton, non-algal particles and coloured dissolved organic matter) and backscattering (phytoplankton, non-algal particles) coefficients as model inputs for about 50 Estonian lakes plus the Baltic Sea. The model parameters will be evaluated separately over specific (e.g. eutrophic, absorbing) water types and their seasonal changes will be analysed. Model performance will be tested based on Rrs data derived from both multi-spectral (Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3) and hyperspectral (PRISMA) images of Estonian lakes and the Baltic Sea and compared to in situ measured values.

Krista Alikas, Tartu Observatory, University of Tartu, [email protected], 0000-0003-3855-6525

Claudia Giardino, CNR-IREA (Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of Environment), [email protected]

Kersti Kangro, Tartu Observatory, University of Tartu, [email protected]

Mariano Bresciani, CNR-IREA (Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of Environment), [email protected]

Mirjam Uusoue, Tartu Observatory, University of Tartu, [email protected]

Alice Fabbretto, 1) Tartu Observatory, University of Tartu; 2) CNR-IREA (Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of Environment), [email protected]

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