Poster Session 4, Thursday, October  6, 11:00–12:40

Poster 8

Closure between hyperspectral ocean color and inherent optical properties acquired continuously along a scientific cruise

During the recent EXPORTS North-Atlantic expedition we aquired nearly continuous hyperspectral remote-sensing reflectance data (Seabird HyperSAS using our own automated tower and processed using Dirk’s HyperInSpace) and inherent optical properties (CDOM and particulate absorption with a Seabird AC-S, particulate backscattering, Seabird Eco-bb3 and Sequoia Hyper-bb, near-forward VSF with Sequoia LISST). We find reasonable closure that varies depending on different assumptions available for deriving reflectance from above water radiometry and relating it to IOPs. This agreement suggests that such dataset could be used for algorithm development and validation for the upcoming NASA hyperspectral mission PACE. Its continuous mode of operation has the potential to significantly increase the areal extent of data collected, e.g. if collected from GO-SHIP lines and other global missions, and to help address issues of scale mismatch between remote sensing and validation data as the sub-pixel variability can be assessed, in the least, along a line.

Emmanuel Boss, University of Maine, [email protected], 0000-0002-8334-9595 

Nils Haentjens, University of Maine, [email protected], 0000-0002-7155-2721

Lee Karp-Boss, University of Maine, [email protected] 

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