Poster Session 4, Thursday, October  6, 11:00–12:40

Poster 16

Identification of diurnal variability in water quality of Korean waters from GOCI-II level 2 products

The second Geostationary ocean color imager (GOCI-II) focuses on the succession and the expansion of the GOCI mission, and improves specifications over GOCI in terms of spatial, temporal and the spectral resolution. GOCI-II which were launched in February 2020 having advanced spatial resolution (250 m), frequency (10 times a day) and spectral resolution (12 VNIR bands) for the previous one. Thus, we can get enhanced images in terms of time and space for the coastal waters around Korean peninsula and, consequently see more accurate dynamic variability in water quality. Here, we compared the level 2 products of GOCI-I and GOCI-II like remote sensing reflectance (Rrs) of each coincident band, chlorophyll-a concentrations (CHL) products by OCx algorithm, and total suspended sediment (TSS), colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) along with sea surface salinity (SSS) products by regional algorithms of previous studies. And we examined the diurnal variability of GOCI-II products. Although the first GOCI has completed its mission at the end of March 2021, we have the duplicated times of operating GOCI-I, GOCI-II from February 2020 to March 2021. Atmospheric correction algorithm of GOCI-II, which had been originally applied to GOCI-I, is continuously being enhanced and, therefore we expect all the algorithms for GOCI-II level 2 products. From this study, we examined and effectively identified the diurnal variability of water quality of Korean coastal waters.

Jongkuk Choi, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, [email protected]

Myung-Sook Park Park, KIOST, [email protected] 

Young-Baek Son, KIOST, [email protected] 

Jae-Hyun Ahn, KIOST, [email protected]

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