Poster Session 2, Tuesday,  October  4, 10:40–12:40

Poster 34


The poster presents the work of the International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) Task Force on Remote Sensing of Marine Litter and Debris (RSMLD), an international group of over 40 experts and is co-chaired by four Space Agencies (ESA, NASA, ISRO, JAXA). The Task Force has the overarching goal to coordinate the advancement of current and future remote sensing technologies and techniques that have potential to provide observations of plastic litter across all aquatic environments. Considering all remote sensing technologies, with a special focus on radiometric approaches, the Task Force aims to promote a unified interdisciplinary, international team of remote sensing experts that will coordinate the development of traceable and transparent approaches and requirements for detecting, identifying, quantifying and tracking aggregated plastic litter patches composed of all size classes of plastic litter and debris. These requirements are being developed by four interlinked core topics that are the foundation pillars of the Task Force: (i) technologies, (ii) algorithms and applications, (iii) datasets and (iv) interdisciplinary aspects. The four core topics are essential for establishing a scientific evidence-based roadmap for remote sensing of plastic litter in all aquatic environments. The Task Force will also produce living guidelines on best practices in remote sensing of plastics, as well as promote Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse (FAIR policy) of relevant datasets and algorithms. The poster will also serve as a networking gathering point welcoming public entities, NGOs, industry, Earth Observation researchers, and all other stakeholders interested in remote sensing applications in monitoring strategies for aquatic plastic litter and debris.

Shungu Garaba, University of Oldenburg, [email protected], 0000-0002-9656-3881

Manuel Arias, ICM-CSIC

Lauren Biermann, PML, [email protected]

Paolo Corradi, ESA, [email protected]

Madeline Cowell, Ball Aerospace, [email protected]

Laura Lorenzoni, NASA Headquarters, [email protected]

Francois-Regis Martin-Lauzer, ARGANS France, [email protected]

Victor Martinez-Vicente, PML, [email protected]

Debashis Mitra, ISRO, [email protected]

Hiroshi Murakami, JAXA, [email protected]

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