Poster Session 3, Wednesday,  October  5, 16:00–18:00

Poster 35

Ocean colour remote sensing in the coast of Brazil with focus on Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 data

The sustainable development and preservation of marine resources is part of the United Nations’ 2030 agenda. Brazil has more than 7000 km of coastline, with approximately 25% of the population residing in the coastal zone. This context, associated with the sensitivity of coastal regions to the effects of climate change, highlights the importance of monitoring living and non-living resources in the coastal waters and exclusive economic zone. Ocean colour remote sensing provides measurements of essential biogeophysical variables of the surface oceans, however this type of dataset is not systematically applied in Brazil, where it still requires extensive data validation and algorithms development. Previous studies have reported the inaccuracy of the global algorithms to retrieve chlorophyll-a concentration from satellites in the coastal shelf and proposed regionalization of empirical models. Nevertheless, modern tools and advanced ocean colour sensors still need to be tested and implemented in such diverse coastal environment. The current work aims to characterize and monitoring bio-optical properties along Brazilian coastal waters (south and southeast regions), and validate atmospheric correction and bio-optical models, turning the processing of regionally validated satellite images operational. Images from high (Sentinel-2) and medium (Sentinel-3) resolutions have been processed with atmospheric correction schemes for turbid waters, such as C2RCC, POLYMER and ACOLITE, which have concomitant chlorophyll-a, suspended matter and CDOM in situ data. Reflectance data have been obtained with a multispectral camera aboard of an UAV (drone) that will be corrected against a recently calibrated in situ radiometer. Above-water reflectance will be collected in the future.

Fernanda Giannini, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, [email protected], 0000-0002-8036-8483

Carlos Garcia, Instituto de Oceanografia – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, [email protected]

Aurea Ciotti, Centro de Biologia Marinha – Universidade de São Paulo, [email protected]

Lino De Carvalho, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, [email protected]

Ana Paula Forgiarini, Institudo de Oceanografia – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, [email protected]

Wesley Santana, Instituto de Oceanografia – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, [email protected]

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