Poster Session 1, Monday,  October  3, 15:40–18:00

Poster 57

Improvement of GOCI-II gas absorption correction using GK-2A/AMI TPW data

Gas absorption correction is the first step in atmospheric correction and is performed to correct the distortion caused by the absorption effects of water vapor and trace gases in the atmosphere. Because Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI)-II does not produce the data required for gas absorption correction due to channel limitations, the current GOCI-II atmospheric correction algorithm uses National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) forecast data for real-time gas absorption correction. However, since the spatial resolution of the NCEP forecast data is very low compared to GOCI-II by 1 degree, there is a limitation in explaining the gas variability in the GOCI-II observation. Uncertainty of auxiliary data not only causes an error in gas absorption correction but also amplifies the error in the remote sensing reflectance and ocean color products. Furthermore, this uncertainty can cause large uncertainty depending on the observation conditions. Therefore, high-resolution data that can consider the variability of atmospheric components are required to estimate ocean color products with high accuracy. GeoKompsat(GK)-2A/Advanced Meteorological Imager(AMI) not only has a suitable channel for calculating the amount of precipitable water but also operates on the same geostationary orbit as GOCI-II, so it can include all the spatiotemporal ranges of GOCI-II observation data. Therefore, it is suitable for use as input data for GOCI-II gas absorption correction. In this study, GOCI-II gas absorption correction was performed using the GK-2A/AMI TPW, and the improvement of the ocean color products according to the TPW data source was presented through comparison with the previous results.

Kyeong-Sang Lee, KIOST, [email protected], 0000-0002-7639-5729 

Jae-Hyun Ahn, KIOST, [email protected] Myung-Sook Park, KIOST, [email protected] 

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