Poster Session 3, Wednesday,  October  5, 16:00–18:00

Poster 67

Hyperspectral above-water radiometry measurements for Rrs verification of GOCI-II ocean color sensor

Rrs, remote sensing reflectance, is the primary product in satellite ocean color data. Due to the importance of the Rrs data, many efforts had been conducted for Rrs verification of satellite ocean color data and high accuracy is also required. Geostationary Ocean Color Imager-II (GOCI-II) is the follow-up ocean color sensor launched after the world’s first geostationary ocean color sensor, GOCI. GOCI-II was successfully launched on Feb 2020 and has completed a six-month on-orbit test period. It is currently observing Northeast Asian waters 10 times from 8 am to 5 pm every day. Totally 26 products processed using GOCI-II data are now provided to the advanced and end users by Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA) and are used in many application fields. For the verification of GOCI-II Rrs, we implemented several field campaigns to obtain the hyperspectral radiometry measurements using Hyperspectral Surface Acquisition System (HyperSAS)/Sea-Bird Scientific and RAMSES hyperspectral radiance and irradiance sensors/TriOS. The field measurements were conducted in two ways: using a fixed observing station and using moving vehicles. In-situ measurements at fixed observing stations were implemented at Sochongcho and Ieodo stations located at northern and southern part of the Yellow Sea of Korea, respectively. Other in-situ measurements using moving vehicles were implemented at the sea waters around Korea. Using the methodology obtained from this study, we plan to build an autonomous observation system for hyperspectral above-water radiometry, and this system will also continue to be used to calibrate GOCI-II and other ocean color sensors.

Jee-Eun Min, Underwater Survey Technology 21, [email protected], 0000-0001-6041-975X

Seung-Hwan Min, Underwater Survey Technology 21, [email protected]

Hyun-Duck Jeon, Underwater Survey Technology 21, [email protected]

Dong-Min Kim, Underwater Survey Technology 21, [email protected]

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