Poster Session 1, Monday,  October  3, 15:40–18:00

Poster 81

Highlights of the Cyanobacteria Assessment Network: validation, application, and reverberation

The Cyanobacteria Assessment Network (CyAN) project mission is to provide a useful and accessible approach for detecting and quantifying cyanobacterial blooms and related water quality using satellite data records. CyAN developed an early warning indicator system to detect cyanobacterial blooms across >7,000 of the largest lakes and reservoirs in the conterminous United States and Alaska. Validation efforts include traditional methods involving coincident in situ data and non-traditional approaches such as presence-absence agreement with state events and advisories and visual observations at drinking source waters. Indicator metrics include temporal frequency, magnitude, spatial extent, and occurrence at the waterbody, state, regional, and national scales. Software applications were designed for technical analysis in NASA’s SeaDAS and NOAA’s RS Tools ArcGIS plug-in and more generalized analysis in EPA’s mobile and web applications with multiple training sessions provided. Economic benefits were quantified as annual potential avoided costs between satellite and traditional in situ measures; an impact assessment framework to characterize the socioeconomic benefits; and broad-scale property value models. CyAN’s impact have been documented through state actions, use by local lake associations, and new recommendations of satellites for monitoring cyanobacteria in national and international documents. Technology and knowledge transfer along with user perceptions are documented through newly suggested operational frameworks and survey results. Historical and forward-stream data are now publicly available for community use. We highlight how CyAN put the power of satellite data into the hands of the people. 

Blake Schaeffer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, [email protected], 0000-0001-9794-3977 

Kurt Wolfe, US EPA, [email protected] 

Peter Whitman, US EPA ORISE, [email protected] 

Jeremy Werdell, NASA, [email protected]

Erin Urquhart, NASA, [email protected] 

Michelle Tomlinson, NOAA, [email protected] 

Richard Stumpf, NOAA, [email protected] 

Deron Smith, US EPA, [email protected] 

Bridget Seegers, NASA, [email protected] 

Wilson Salls, US EPA, [email protected] 

Rajbir Parmar, US EPA, [email protected] 

Michael Papenfus, US EPA, [email protected] 

Sachidananda Mishra, NOAA, [email protected] 

Andrew Meredith, NOAA, [email protected] 

Keith Loftin, USGS, [email protected] 

Darryl Keith, US [email protected] 

John Johnston, US EPA, [email protected] 

John Iiames, US EPA, [email protected]

Elizabeth Hilborn, US EPA, [email protected]

John Darling, US EPA, [email protected]

Robyn Conmy, US EPA, [email protected]

Megan Coffer, US EPA ORISE, [email protected]

Sean Bailey, NASA, [email protected]

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