Poster Session 1

Monday, October 3


Current status of GOCI-II atmospheric correction algorithm and its validation

Jae-Hyun Ahn, Kyeong-Sang Lee, Eun-Kyung Lee, Su-Jung Bae, Jeong-Eon Moon, and Tai-Hyun Han

Method to maximize data recovery using multi-satellite composites and detect island mass effect

*Guillaume Bourdin, Emmanuel Boss, Andrew Thomas, Lee Karp-Boss, and Fabien Lombard

Chasing open-ocean eddies and fronts using in-line optical measurements

Alison Chase, Rémi Laxenaire, Daniele Iudicone, Guillaume Bourdin, Nils Haëntjens, Emmanuel Boss, and Lee Karp-Boss

An intercomparison of satellite ocean color and high spectral resolution lidar measurements in the surface ocean

Brian Collister, Johnathan Hair, Chris Hostetler, Anthony Cook, and Amy Jo Scarino

The Baltic Sea primary production based on ten years of SatBałtyk System and data base

Dariusz Ficek, Mirosława Ostrowska, Damian Stoltmann, Tomasz Zapadka, Roman Majchrowski, Magdalena Pawlik, and Joanna Ston-Egiert

Ocean color changes in the North Atlantic and Arctic seas

Rafael Goncalves-Araujo, Gesine Ramm, and Colin Stedmon

Optical Detection of Ensonified Capillary-Gravity Waves Using Polarimetric Imaging

*Lindsay Hogan, Christopher Zappa, Kaus Ragukumar, Grace Chang, and Frank Spada

First estimation of the UV bio-optical properties of seawater from the ALADIN UV space-borne and LNG airborne lidars

Cedric Jamet, Florian Poustomis, Cyrille Flamant, Eric Lécuyer, Julien Delanoë, Xavier Mériaux, and Quitterie Cazenave

Chlorophyll a detection from absorption measurements for various lake types

Kersti Kangro, Krista Alikas, Martin Ligi, and Ilmar Ansko

Island-Trapped Waves (ITWs) effect on plankton primary producers in a Mediterranean hot spot area

Zrinka Ljubešić, Žarko Kovač, Hrvoje Mihanović, Mirko Orlić, Raffaella Casotti, Anna Chiara Trano, Eric Achterberg, Davor Lučić, Branka Pestorić, Melissa Omand, Ivona Cetinić, Luka Kovačić, Antonija Matek, Hrvoje Čižmek, Barbara Čolić, and Damir Viličić

Assessing phytoplankton absorption models across freshwater and marine environments

*Ipanema Mora-Carrera, Timothy Moore, Srinivas Kolluru, and Michael Twardowski

Seasonal carbon fluxes in the Red Sea

Mustapha Ouhssain, Malika Kheireddine, and Burton Jones

Observations of hyperspectral reflectance and upper ocean physics during wave breaking in the coastal ocean

Kaylan Randolph, Alejandro Cifuentes-Lorenzen, Heidi Dierssen, Christopher Zappa, and James O’Donnell

Highlights of the Cyanobacteria Assessment Network: validation, application, and reverberation

Blake Schaeffer, Kurt Wolfe, Peter Whitman, Jeremy Werdell, Erin Urquhart, Michelle Tomlinson, Richard Stumpf, Deron Smith, Bridget Seegers, Wilson Salls, Rajbir Parmar, Michael Papenfus, Sachidananda Mishra, Andrew Meredith, Keith Loftin, Darryl Keith, John Johnston, John Iiames, Elizabeth Hilborn, John Darling, Robyn Conmy, Megan Coffer, and Sean Bailey

Calibration Method for Large Dynamic Range Polarized Transmissometers

*Qiming Sun, Georges Fournier, Griet Neukermans, Filip Beunis, Kristiaan Neyts, and Wayne Slade

Evaluating atmospheric correction algorithms for a glacier meltwater fjord

*Elinor Tessin, Arne Skodvin Kristoffersen, Børge Hamre, Yi-Chun Chen, Håkon Johan Sandven, Hongbo Liu, Svein Rune Erga, and Lasse Pettersson

Present status and results of the Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY) Refresh and MarONet

Kenneth Voss, Mark Yarbrough, B. Carol Johnson, Michael Feinholz, Arthur Gleason, David Antoine, and Stephanie Flora 

Challenging red Noctiluca scintillans bloom detection

Jingyu Wu, Shaoping Shang, Yanshuang Xie, Ke Liu, Famei Lei, Guomei Wei, Qiang Dong, and Zhigang He

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