Poster Instructions


Posters may be installed during the lunch period on Monday, October 3 prior to that afternoon’s poster session beginning at 15:40.

All posters should be removed after the final poster session on Thursday, October 6. Any remaining posters will be stored at the registration counter, but will be recycled if not collected by 13:00 on Friday, October 7.


The Poster/Exhibit hall will be open from Monday, October 3, through Thursday, October 6.

Poster Session 1
Monday, October 3, 15:40–18:00

Poster Session 2
Tuesday, October 4, 10:40–12:40

Poster Session 3
Wednesday, October 5, 16:00–18:00

Poster Session 4
Thursday, October 6, 11:00–12:40


The usable size of each poster stand is 850 mm wide x 1,350 mm high. Posters should be a bit smaller than the total usable area so that they can be easily attached to the stand. Printing at A0 paper size (841 mm wide by 1,189 mm high) is a good option.

The part of the stand where posters will be mounted is a wire grid bordered by a metal frame. Posters can be attached to the stand using binder clips (which will be provided).


The International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) can facilitate the production of posters in Quy Nhon. The deadline for placing an order for printing posters is Thursday, September 29 at noon (GMT +7).

Poster Size
A0 (841 mm wide by 1,189 mm high)

File Format
PDF (include your last name in the file name)

• Regular paper ($4 USD)
• Decal (laminated) paper ($15 USD)

For those who ordered posters to be printed from ICISE, please note that some have experienced a delay of a few days in receiving confirmation messages. The staff are working hard to fulfill requests.


Visit the poster session schedule for lists of all posters by session and links to abstracts.


Presenters are required to stand by their poster, and be available for questions and discussion with conference participants for at least one hour during their assigned poster session. The poster sessions provide an extremely valuable opportunity to discuss your results and ideas with colleagues. We realize, though, that you may not always have the opportunity to connect with colleagues interested in your poster during a busy session. To remedy this, a card where you can write details about additional times you will attend your poster will be provided.


Posters should be prepared with clarity in mind, using easy to read fonts and font sizes, with a title that will be easily visible from 6–7 m away. Text should be kept to a minimum, and the main messages and conclusions conspicuously presented. Please avoid the use of red on green and vice versa to ensure that conference participants with difficulty differentiating between these colors are able to read all poster content. The Oceanography Society provides an excellent guide titled Scientifically Speaking which provides advice on preparing both poster and oral presentations.

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