Conference Topics 

Conference topics include the science of optics across all aquatic environments, research, and applications, including (but not limited to) biogeochemistry, environmental management and applications, instruments, techniques and observational systems, remote sensing, phytoplankton ecology, radiative transfer and optical theory, global change, and benthic processes.

To review the type of abstracts submitted, please view the 2018 Ocean Optics website.


Abstract Instructions

Please note that participants who plan on submitting an abstract for the conference need to register for the conference; once that step has been completed, a link to the abstract submission system will be provided. Go to the Registration page for more information.

The deadline for abstract submission is May 1, 2020, and edits are allowed until 23:59 EDT (3:59 UTC) on that date.

After May 1, the Planning Committee will conduct a “blind” review of all abstracts submitted for presentation; the reviewers will not see the author(s) names or institutional affiliations. There are a limited number of oral slots available, and to maintain a degree of balance and interest in the program, it will not be possible to accommodate some requests for oral presentation. Therefore, abstracts not assigned for an oral presentation will be presented as posters. It is important to keep in mind that the Ocean Optics Conference views all presentations with equal value. Poster sessions are very well attended and provide a venue to discuss research in detail. Posters will remain on display throughout the conference. Notification of assignment as an oral or poster presentation will be sent by the end of June.

Abstracts will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. State of Completion (maximum 5 points): The abstract shows substantial results indicating that the work has been or is nearly completed.
  2. Novelty (maximum 5 points): The abstract shows innovative laboratory or data analysis techniques or presents a new topic or application in ocean optics.
  3. Advancement of Field (maximum 5 points): The abstract presents a significant contribution to the field.
  4. Quality (maximum 5 points): The abstract is well written and organized. The scope of the work can be clearly understood.
  5. Relevance (maximum 5 points): The abstract addresses topical areas requested for the conference.

Abstract Instructions

  • Authorship: The participant submitting the abstract is considered the primary (presenting) author. Each conference participant is limited to submitting one abstract as the primary author but may be listed as a coauthor on an unlimited number of abstracts.
  • Abstract Text Format: Abstract text should be typed into the text box using the WYSIWYG editor. Avoid using Greek letters or equations because those elements may not export properly to the conference program and mobile app.
  • Authors: Up to 20 additional authors names and institutions may be included in abstract submission.
  • Word Limit: 500 words.
  • Edits: Abstracts may be edited after submission up until May 1, 2020, 23:59 EDT (3:59 UTC).

If you have questions about the abstract submission process, please contact Jenny Ramarui, Conference Coordinator.

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