Poster Session 3

Wednesday, October 5


Bioluminescence of the Ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi: First Flash Kinetics and Shear Stress Thresholds

*Abigail Blackburn, Michael Twardowski, Malcolm McFarland, Ed Malkiel, Michael Latz, and Dorothy Mitchell

Advances in Underwater Autonomous Vehicle Oil Plume Detection Capabilities

Robyn Conmy, Amy Kukulya, Devi Sundaravadivelu, Alexander Hall, Daniel Gomez-Ibanez, Nancy Kinner, Lisa Dipinto, Dana Tulis, and George Graettinger

Development of a machine learning approach for the estimation of the marine CO2 partial pressure over the global coastal ocean in the frame of the CO2COAST project

Roy El Hourany, Hubert Loisel, Daniel S.F. Jorge, Sylvie Thiria, Ndeye Niang-Keita, Julien Demaria, Antoine Mangin, and Marine Bretagnon

Ocean colour remote sensing in the coast of Brazil with focus on Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 data

Fernanda Giannini, Carlos Garcia, Aurea Ciotti, Lino De Carvalho, Ana Paula Forgiarini, and Wesley Santana

Characterizing the physical properties and carbon content of suspended particles along a vulnerable coastline using IOPs retrieved from imaging spectroscopy

*Joshua Harringmeyer, Nilotpal Ghosh, Matthew Weiser, David Thompson, Xiaohui Zhu, and Cédric Fichot

Estimation and evaluation of GOCI daily PAR

*Deuk Jae Hwang, Robert Frouin, and Jong-Kuk Choi

Satellite-based estimation of ocean turbulent fluxes and error sensitivity analysis for accuracy of air-sea variable

*Jaemin Kim, Yun Gon Lee, Seung Hee Kim, Son V. Nghiem, and Menas C. Kafatos 

Euphotic Depth Approximation from Remote Sensing Reflectance in Temperate Coastal Waters

Victor Kuwahara, Masahiko Kaji, Shinji Shimode,  and Toru Hirawake

A pilot study on DOM optical properties in surface waters of Kongsfjorden, Isfjorden and Hornsund (Svalbard) – DOMinEA project

Monika Zabłocka, Piotr Kowalczuk, Karolina Borzycka, Marta Konik, and Katarzyna Dragańska-Deja

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