Poster Session 2

Tuesday, October 4


Bio-optical model parametrisation to map water quality in eutrophic and absorbing inland waters from satellite data

Krista Alikas, Claudia Giardino, Kersti Kangro, Mariano Bresciani, Mirjam Uusoue, and Alice Fabbretto

Diel Variability in Phytoplankton Backscattering and Cell Composition

Nicholas Baetge, Kimberly Halsey, Amanda Appel, Charlotte Begouen Demeaux, Emmanuel Boss, Guillaume Bourdin, Jason Graff, Amelia Noall, Toby Westberry, Brian VerWey, and Michael Behrenfeld

Can sediment-derived CDOM fluxes significantly affect water clarity in optically complex inland lake systems?

*Hanna Bridgham, Jordon Beckler, Mason Thackston, Lynn Wilking, Veronica Ruiz-Xomchuk, Owen Silvera, and Tim Moore

Airborne Drones In Support Of Earth Observation Validation

Liesbeth De Keukelaere, Robrecht Moelans, and Els Knaeps

Modification of WiPE (WiPE-2) for Land use/ Land cover mapping based on combination of statistical of spectral and unsupervised classification: An application to VNREDSat-1 satellite image

Dat Dinh Ngoc, Duong Dang Nguyen Hien, Hubert Loisel, Cédric Jamet, Vincent Vantrepotte, Lucile Duforêt-Gaurier, and Chung Doan Minh


Shungu Garaba, Manuel Arias, Lauren Biermann, Paolo Corradi, Madeline Cowell, Laura Lorenzoni, Francois-Regis Martin-Lauzer, Victor Martinez-Vicente, Debashis Mitra, and Hiroshi Murakami

Investigating biophysical interactions across the Gulf Stream front via fine-scale optical measurements

*Patrick Gray, Anna Windle, Ivan Sayvelev, Julian Dale, Katelyn Smith, Jessica Gronniger, Nicolas Cassar, Marina Lévy, Emmanuel Boss, Greg Silsbe, Zackary Johnson, Dana Hunt, Sheri Floge, Guillaume Bourdin, and David Johnston

Two shades of green in Norwegian fjords

Arne Skodvin Kristoffersen, Borge Hamre, Håkon Sandven, Elinor Tessin, Yi-Chun Chen, and Svein Rune Erga

GLORIA: Global community dataset of in situ radiometry and water quality

Moritz K. Lehmann, Daniela Gurlin, Nima Pahlevan, Olivier Graffeuille, and Sundarabalan V. Balasubramanian

Seasonally resolved biases in chlorophyll estimates derived from profiling floats, satellite, and shipboard observations

Jacqueline Long, Joshua Plant, Yui Takeshita, Kenneth Johnson, and Andrea Fassbender

Midnight Sun to Polar Night: Modelling seasonal light in the Barents Sea

David McKee, Stacey Connan-McGinty, Neil Banas, Jorgen Berge, Finlo Cottier, Stephen Grant, Geir Johnsen, Tomasz Kopec, and Marie Porter

Mackenzie River Discharge and Effects on Arctic Sea Ice, Biological, and Biogeochemical Processes in the Littoral Zone of the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean

Son Nghiem, G. Robert Brakenridge, Thomas Douglas, Dorothy Hall, Zsofia Kugler, Patricia Matrai, Daniel Obrist, Donald Perovich, Ignatius Rigor, Paul Shepson, and Alexandra Steffen

What is a Better Chlorophyll Fluorometer?

Eric Rehm, Hervé Claustre, Edouard Leymarie, Flavien Petit, and Julia Uitz

GOCI Super-resolution via GOCI-II and U-Net deep learning model

Jisun Shin, Soo Mee Kim, and Young-Heon Jo

A multi-sensor approach to retrieve terrestrial and aquatic typologies in transitional environment: the wetland forest in Cần Giờ (Vietnam)

Andrea Taramelli, Emiliana Valentini, Margherita Righini, Claudia Giardino, Mariano Bresciani, Son V. Nghiem, Charles E. Miller, Sara Liburdi, Maria José Jimenez, Serena Sapio, and Ignacio Gatti

Global satellite water classification data products over oceanic, coastal, and inland waters

Jianwei Wei, Menghua Wang, Karlis Mikelsons, Lide Jiang, Xiaoming Liu, Susanne Kratzer, Zhongping Lee, Tim Moore, Heidi Sosik, and Dimitry Van der Zande

Optical Characterization of the Phytoplankton Community in the Temperate Coastal Waters of Sagami Bay, Japan

*Koichi Yano, Masahiko Kaji, Shinji Shimode, Sayaka Sogawa, Toru Hirawake, and Victor S. Kuwahara

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